Zan's Adventures
For centuries, the wolves of East Wood were known as the most cunning and dangerous denizens of the forest, but now an even deadlier creature has entered the woods, humans.

Will you try to save the wolves from the evil poachers?
An Adventure Module designed for Levels 2-4 (Tier 1)

The Collector is known far and wide as a man of wealth and privilege. When he wants something, he gets it, by any means necessary. And you have something that he wants.

How will your players react when they find out that a rich and powerful man is after their most prized possession? And to what lengths will they go to get it back?

An Adventure Module designed for Levels 3-6

The moon hangs high in the night sky, casting its pale light over all that it sees. A lonely meadow hides far below. Near the center of the meadow are three massive round burial mounds. The resting places of the dead, but the spirits here do not rest in peace. Spiteful spirits of ancient rivals wait impatiently to be freed. A terrible Witch Queen, a mighty Warrior General, and a zealous High Priestess, all long to find a champion to free their spirits from their ancient tombs.

As the players explore the ancient burial mounds, they will discover undead enemies, puzzles, mystery, and the spirits of the legendary high lords of Cair Urnahc. These spirits will try to pit the players against the other spirits.

An Adventure Module designed for Levels 3-6

The citizens of Hillsdale have been plagued by a rash of petty robberies. As they fuss and fret about the loss of minor things, something major is brewing deep beneath the nearby Belsphar Forest. An ancient creature toils day and night forging its weapon of vengeance. An unstoppable golem plated in pure steel. Will your players discover and stop the evil in time? Or will the evil construct murder the entire unsuspecting town of Hillsdale?

An Adventure Module designed for Levels 3-5

High above the hamlet of Gordon's Bluff stands the Great White Lighthouse. A symbol of safety and prosperity, guiding ships from miles away. But then one night, the lighthouse went dark. Screams and blood filled the night air. Each night since, evil green eyes look out from the top of the dark lighthouse, down onto the hamlet.

An Adventure Module designed for Levels 2-5

A haunted house. An ancient evil released. Restless tormented spirits. A malevolent cult. Mystery, horror, adventure, fighting, secrets. Marek's Haunted House is a Halloween / Horror inspired mix of all of these things. Will your players discover the ancient evil? Will they banish it from this world, or will they befriend it?

An Adventure Module designed for Levels 3-5

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